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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Garage door technicians who walk you through the repair process

Our clients were kind enough to send us their opinion about our garage door services. These are their testimonials

Flexible Garage Door Services

What I like about garage door repair Westchester is their flexibility of services. Other companies would tell me their services would always “depend” on different factors, which I did not appreciate. This company, however, would always say that they could do it. And true enough, they never fail me with the services I require. Also, the quotes they give are based on the amount of work and materials they have provided, and at very reasonable prices. Flexibility is very important nowadays, especially with everyone busy and working about. I’m glad this company can always accommodate me and my garage door.

Best Garage Door Recommendation

In finding new cars, gadgets, or home improvements, I always ask my buddies for advice. However, when I started looking for a garage door, I decided to ask the opinion of experts and not just my friends. Fortunately I was able to find and talk to garage door repair Westchester. They gave recommendations much better than all I have gotten prior to contacting them. I also learned a lot of things about garage doors in the short conversation we had. Finally, I decided to go with their recommendation as they said it’s the best choice for me. I’m also very happy that they provide great services, care and maintenance for garage doors.

Extremely Professional and Helpful Service

Yes, we were actually one of the few people who were still using a manual garage door in our neighborhood. Well, that was before we had our garage door opener installed by the experts at Garage Door Repair Company in Westchester. We finally decided to go automated on our garage door and our neighbor recommended this company. We called them and they were very helpful in assisting us in picking the best opener for us, which also fell under our budget. They installed the opener and we’re now enjoying the convenience of having an automatic door. They were extremely professional and I’m glad that I hired them.

Excellent Genie electric opener maintenance

Excellent Genie repair! We have a rather expensive opener and wanted professional specialists for servicing it. My good friend trusts the services of Garage Door Repair Westchester for years and insisted that the technicians were extremely qualified. So, we trusted them with our Genie opener maintenance and it was truly an excellent choice. Our friend was right! They were meticulous and checked every single component! I personally liked that they tested repeatedly the sensors and my husband liked that they informed us about the latest Genie accessories. They are really knowledgeable!

Replaced my garage door rollers fast

“Our garage door was falling off its track and wouldn't roll up or down, plus the rollers were falling out and I didn't know what to do. In desperation I checked the internet and found some great reviews for this company. Less than an hour later, a service technician was at my door and he was absolutely great! He was super nice and in less than an hour he had everything straightened out and had installed new rollers and made a few other adjustments and the door is working like new again. I definitely would recommend this company for any garage door repairs.

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